Vyocure Sustainability Policy

In a dynamic and ever-changing world, it is of utmost importance for us to actively participate and contribute to creating a positive impact. We are committed to addressing issues within our operations on a long-term basis, with a focus on reducing climate impact and enhancing sustainability in both environmental and working conditions.

We strive for collaboration, transparency, and openness throughout the entire value chain. At a minimum, we shall comply with laws, regulations, and requirements prescribed for our operations.

Environmental Policy

  • We aim for a pharmaceutical industry free from fossil fuels.
  • Contribute to the transition to a circular economy.
  • Implement climate-efficient transportation and collaborate with sustainable suppliers.
  • Ensure that employees receive ongoing training in environmental and quality matters as needed.
  • Ensure that suppliers and subcontractors conduct their operations in an environmentally responsible manner by adhering to laws and regulations.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The working environment in our operations should be such that those working with us do not suffer from ill health or harm due to work, and that they thrive and develop both professionally and personally. Occupational health and safety efforts should permeate all decisions made and all activities carried out. Compliance with legislation in the field of occupational health and safety is a baseline for our occupational health and safety efforts, and we strive to continuously improve our workplace environment. This entails:
  • Making occupational health and safety an integral part of everything we do.
  • Conducting occupational health and safety work in collaboration between employers, employees, and safety representatives.
  • Providing all employees with the introduction and training needed to work safely and healthily.
  • Regularly, and in the event of changes, examining and risk assessing both our physical and organizational/social working environment to take necessary actions to create a safe and secure workplace.
  • Annual follow-ups on our systematic occupational health and safety efforts.
  • Demonstrating clear and visible leadership with respect and care for each employee.
  • Implementing collective protective measures that suit everyone primarily, but also adapting to individual capabilities based on requirements and conditions.
  • Continuously striving for everyone to receive competence development aimed at professional growth and promoting a healthy working environment.
We intend to uphold the above principles by actively working on environmental, quality, and safety initiatives.